Keeping Positive

Hey everyone day 2 of the NZ isolation and I hope you are doing well out there.
We are all getting on in our wee bubble here, getting some exercise whilst practising safe distancing.... I went up and down the back stairs for 1/2 hour today whilst my husband did the front stairs and our children exercised their fingers on their cellphones.
Sometimes we all find social media to be quite full on & perhaps a bit relentless but I have to say that I am finding myself somewhat distracted by the fun humour that is popping up through social media platforms and it seems to help to ensure that we can still smile and stay optimistic for ourselves, our family & our friends.
Please think about the future positively and think calmly.  We are not ignoring the struggles that everyone is facing but perhaps offering a positive perspective, so we can get past this quickly and our lives can get back to normal, so we can sit at our local coffee shop, shop at our favourite local business, take our children to the local park, laugh and party with our colleagues, friends + family! 
Stay safe and look after one another.



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